Instagram is a social network and a photo sharing program. It was developed in 2010 and now owned by Facebook. Facebook bought it for $1 billion cash in 2012. It is supported on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android camera phone running 2.2 higher. It has presently, in 2012, 30 million accounts. It started with only one million accounts in 2010.

The basic principle behind this is promotion through pictures. It is really better than shouting, although creatively. You do not only tell, you show and bring the feel of something with the help of images.

The benchmark to get the feedback here is also through followers. There are many ways to increase the number of Instagram followers. But in case you do not get the followers, id does not mean you are out of the competition. It might be because of competition.

A way to get noticed and earn business is to buy Instagram followers. The trend of buying is followed for Twitter and facebook like giants also; then why not here also. The chances of getting good results are even higher here because of better exposure. As Instagram is supported by iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android camera phone running 2.2 higher. It is comparatively less riskier.

The speed with which the number of accounts has increased is also a considerable factor. There is also an innovation in the way marketing is done. You do not have to say anything. You have fair chances to show the facts.

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